Onde Dining armchair

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“I understand design as an artificial practice: we design to offer something that does yet not exist in order to improve people’s quality of life and provide them with a function. Design must interact with nature in an absolutely delicate and respectful way, and therefore a balance between both elements is key.”

Luca Nichetto

The ONDE collection eis the ideal outdoor office that also works indoors. The versatility of Luca Nichetto‘s doriginal designs creates comfortable and warm environments that are perfect for both work and relaxation.

The ONDE designer chair is an example of the balanced combination between the durability and resistance of a material with unique characteristics such as aluminium, and the comfort typical of GANDIABLASCO products.

Made with welded aluminium profiles, its high-quality powder-coated finish, made using an environmentally friendly production process, provides top durability for outdoor use.

The ONDE dining armchair is an exclusive design by Luca Nichetto for GANDIABLASCO.


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